Privacy Policy

Last Update: August 6th, 2023

Leira Arabia for Information Technology, LLC is a Saudi-based company is the Controller.

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) of LEIRA can be reached on email: dpo@leira.com.sa

The Processing of Personal Data by Leira while you use Lockfy (the Purpose and Scope) consists of allowing to:

  • Identify you as a valid user (your identity)
  • Allow you to enrol as a Lockfy user
  • Grant you access to Lockfy functionalities
  • Maintain a registry of Lockfy usage by you.

Leira exclusively Processes Personal Data pertaining to its’ Apps users.

Lockfy is a tool that allows you to be informed about the status of your workstation (locked/unlocked) and even proactively warning you when it is unlocked.

Note that by downloading and installing Lockfy on your mobile device, workstation or any other platform supported by Lockfy, you have acted on your own free will, while having entered into a contract (paid subscription services) with the App store; which means that Leira is acting under the Legal Basis of a Contractual Obligation towards you. You may also download and use Lockfy on its “free” version, nevertheless, this still implies that you have subscribed Lockfy and have entered into a contract although the “price” for you is “zero”.

All Personal Data under Processing is not shared with any 3rd party except for those acting as Processors (meaning enablers of Lockfy functionalities), specifically:

  • Microsoft, hosting partner.
  • MixPanel, data analytics and reporting about your usage of Lockfy (https://mixpanel.com/).
  • RevenueCat, to manage your Lockfy subscription (https://www.revenuecat.com/).
  • Mailjet, to send you automatic email messages generated by Lockfy (https://www.mailjet.com/).

Leira hosts all Personal Data under Processing with Microsoft Azure on its Secure Data Centers around the Globe (data replication) in order to provide its users with high performance and low latency.

Beware that by downloading and using Lockfy you are agreeing to such hosting (and inherent potential transfers of Personal Data from your geography).

Your Personal Data will be hosted by Leira for as long as you are using Lockfy, except for the information Leira is obliged to maintain under a Legal Obligation.

Leira does not resort to any type of automated Personal Data Processing except what is comprehended specifically by Lockfy functionalities and Mailjet as described above.

Your Rights under Personal Data Protection legislation consist of:

  • Right of Access – to know which categories of Personal Data pertaining to you are under Processing by Leira.
  • Right to Rectification – to ask for the rectification of any Personal Data that you find not to be accurate.
  • Right to Erasure – to ask for the erasure of Personal Data pertaining to you from Leira’s as well as its partner’s that act as Processors’ repositories. Nevertheless, if you have an active paid subscription, we are not able to directly exercise your Right of Erasure, meaning erase your Personal Data since your contract is with the Store (e.g. Google; Apple Store; other…). You need first to cancel your subscription towards the Store, have it effectively ended and then exercise your Right of Erasure. If you do not exercise your Right of Erasure after having your subscription effectively ended, you are moved to the free plan.
  • Right to Restriction of Processing – to ask of Leira to stop the processing of Personal Data pertaining to you where you object to it, find it to be inaccurate or that Leira does not have a Legal Basis to undertake such Processing Activities. The Right of Restriction of Processing may, however, be affected by the existing contractual obligations that you have entered while downloading Lockfy and entering a contract with the Store.
  • Data Portability – to ask of Leira the integral or partial copy of the Personal Data pertaining to you under Processing.
  • Right to Object – to ask for profiling activities to cease. The exercise of this Right means the cancelation of the service, which again may be constrained by existing contractual obligations between you and the webstore from where Lockfy was downloaded.
  • Right to lodge a complaint – to lodge a complaint towards either or both Leira or the Supervisory Authorities in your country of residence.


You may exercise your Rights under the law by contacting the DPO.