Sessions Monitoring & Protection

Lockfy automatically monitors active sessions, locks and idles. Notifies users in real-time if they forgot to lock their session on their phones, and they can easily lock it, from anywhere!


Policy Compliance & Monitoring

All around the world, companies requires anti-virus software to be installed. Sometimes, some applications are prohibited on work computers. How do you manage compliance? Lockfy shows you detailed action plan that helps you comply with policies easily!


Vulnerable Installed Application?

Lockfy automatically builds a vulnerability matrix across your all workstations on your network and checks the vulnerability status with Letting you know that a specific app is installed on a specific workstation and the exact vulnerability detected.


Prohibited Application! Terminate!

Are your employees running an application that is prohibited by policy? Easily detect prohibited applications runs, notify administrators and/or terminate the app immediately! Keeping your organization safe.


Leap into a more secure future!

Lockfy is proven to improve workstations' security, minimizes cybersecurity risks and imrpoves compliance with policies.


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